Best Destination for New Year Celebration In Assam

Best Destination for New Year Celebration In Assam

New Year is most of special occasion which is celebrated after Christmas.New Year means starting of New year and closing of previous years.With this preference it also let go sad and bad experiences held in past year and learn from it. The New Year is consider International at Whole World. Its season of blessings and holidays.

The people who fond of celebration starting prepare for it. People celebrated this as festival. On this days , decoration and happiness consider all over. This is refers as a another chapter of life which begins in form of New Year. People shaped this day with own way.

Markets and holiday destinations full of rush during these days. Introduction of new things like new shop, new fashion and various. The discounts and sales been prefers at that time. However these days are weekends for every individual and they enjoy it their own and unique way.

This day has been celebrated by different communities at different time . However New Year is mostly celebrated on 1st Jan. On this New Calendar begins. This has been celebrated in great and enjoyable manner. At fix 12’o’ clock fire crackers burst and people started celebrating in great energy , happiness and courage.

The preparation begins from days. People greet each other by commending gifts and well wishes for them. People visit various new places to consider their New Year to special and memorable for them.The New is an starting of New hope and start. At this Time People celebrate in that way which special for them.

The Way of celebration in Assam is really good and heart touching. People who are fond of some unique celebration may visit this place and start their new begin of life with best preference. Here are some best places or destination where you celebrate New Year in Assam:

• Kaziranga National Park
• Manas National Park
• Majuli Island
• Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
• Kakochang Waterfalls
• Nameri National Park
• Padam Pukhuri
• Haflong Lake
• Haflong Hill
• Panimoor Falls
• Nehru Park
• Brahmaputra River Cruise


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