Best Destination for New Year Celebration In Chhattisgarh

Best Destination for New Year Celebration In Chhattisgarh-

New Year is celebrated all over World with happiness and joy. Mostly, New Year is celebrated on 1st Jan (Every year). New Year is not necessarily celebrated on 1st Jan , it has been celebrated in different times by different individuals in various manner as they want.New Year is celebrated because it is an start or beginning of New Year and End of previous Year. New Year is celebrated by every generation old , young , adult , children etc.

In a Winter a Small vacation is introduced which is from Christmas to New Year. People celebrated Christmas on 25dec and after that they waiting for the Another occasion which is New Year. New year is considered as special occasion. On this day , people celebrated with the great enthusiasm and courage. People celebrate it with friends , family and with their loved ones. This response to develop of feeling togetherness and belonging between them. People celebrate it by doing or performing special activities like Dj’s parties , house parties etc.

Markets and holiday destinations are crowded at this time.The decoration and shows has been performed. The discounts and sales has been introduced. In education institutions and at working professions declare holidays at that time. However New year is last date of holiday. On this day people greet each other , wishes them for good and well being for their loved ones. Even on this day enemy becomes friend and wishes each other. People takes resolutions like Exercise more , Get organized , Travel more , read more etc. which they follow through Year.

On the midnight , 31st DEC people celebrated by preferring parties and various activities , firecrackers burst as soon as Twelve o’ clock. I t is all about forgetting bad and sad experiences and wishes for the good , happiness and wealth for them. The New Year is consider another chance to live happy and well being for them. The New Year is also refers as god blessing. On this day , people went to church , temple for the fresh start .

To celebrate New Year with great joy , happy and enthusiasm , special environment is required to refer.Here are some most great destination to celebrate New Year:

• Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
• Chitrakot Waterfalls
• Rajeev Smriti Van
• Purkhauti Muktangan
• Tirathgarh Falls
• Kanger Valley National Park (Jagdalpur)
• MM Fun city, Raipur
• Maitri Bagh
• Kailash and Kotumsar Cave
• Nandanvan Garden

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