Best Destination for New Year Celebration in Nagaland

Best Destination for New Year Celebration in Nagaland

Happy New Year is great eve in the world. This is one of the day of grand celebration as like traditional occasion. New Year 2020 is coming soon. Before the New Year comes Christmas. Christmas on 25th December and its celebrated by Christian religion. Its all celebrate as like festival. New Year is considered to be the most important and wonderful holiday. New Year is favorite holiday season for everyone. New Year is bring happiness and charms and feisty.

Everyone makes special and surprising plans on New Year. You celebrate this with joy and fun. This festival give craziness and excitement with New Year plans. New Year plans according to vacations and holidays time. Some people enjoy with family at home and some enjoy outsides with their special ones and friends. You send blessings and New Year stickers and images for make this day very special and memorable.

You make your plan for celebrating the New Year on onside in Nagaland. It is wonderful destination for celebrated with fun and extra excitement. New Year is festival of happiness and positivity. Nagaland is the Indian state. Its in east side of country. Here is different culture and tradition with their own music and dance and dress up. Nagaland is popular for forest and rivers and lakes and valley and peak point and hills and villages and much more places. Its beauty of Nagaland.

Here is give you a list of all tourism places in Nagaland. You decide a best destination for your New Year celebration and choose for you. Everyone know the beauty of nature. This list help you for get a right decision. By this list you plan your New Year and how to make this special and joyous with your partners. By this list you choose best destinations according to your New Year celebration plan.

  1. Dimapur
  2. Kachari Ruins
  3. Diezephe Craft Village
  4. Rangapahar Reserve Forest
  5. Chumukedima Village
  6. Dimapur Ao Baptist Church
  7. Diphupar
  8. Nichuguard
  9. Kuki Dolong Village
  10. Green Park
  11. Medziphema
  12. Ruzaphema
  13. Dzukou Valley
  14. Japfu Peak
  15. Pulebadze Peak
  16. Kohima War Cemetery
  17. Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow
  18. Kohima State Museum
  19. Dzüleke
  20. Tseminyu
  21. Changtongya
  22. Mokokchung Park
  23. Mokokchung Village
  24. Longkhum
  25. Ungma
  26. Chuchuyimlang
  27. Longwa Village
  28. Veda Peak
  29. Chui Village (Basti)
  30. Shangnyu Village
  31. Mount Tiyi
  32. Doyang River
  33. Water Pool
  34. Totsu Cliff
  35. Vankhosung
  36. Phek
  37. Dzudu Lake/ Zanibu Peak
  38. Shilloi Lake
  39. Changsangmonko & Chilise
  40. The Living Stones of Tuensang
  41. Tsadang
  42. Caves at Puilwa Village
  43. Mt. Paona
  44. Ntangki National Park
  45. Mt. Kisa
  46. Benreu
  47. Caves at Puilwa Village
  48. Mt. Paona
  49. Ntangki National Park
  50. Mt. Kisa
  51. Benreu
  52. Saramati Peak
  53. Pungro Town
  54. Salomi Village
  55. Mimi Village
  56. Sukhyap or Lover’s Paradise
  57. Wawade
  58. Mihki- the river of salt
  59. Fakim Wildlife Santuary
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