Happy Diwali 2020 Date and Puja Time, Sunday, 14 Nov 2020

Happy Diwali 2019 Date and Puja Time important in our life as well as Happy Diwali 2019 festival celebration so enjoy this Happy Diwali 2019 and share wishes on Happy Diwali 2019 Date and Puja Time.

There are many festivals which are celebrated in India by different communities.

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And every community has one major festival which has a special importance in their life like for Muslims its Eid, Christians it’s Christmas and for Hindus it is diwali. 

Diwali is one of the major festivals for Hindu community and so it is celebrated all around the world. 

Shree Ganesh Ji ki Aarti on Diwali

 Diwali is the festivals which are excited of Markets are also decorated to make this festival more memorable for the people. 

Happy Diwali 2019 images

Every festival has some story behind it and so does diwali have. 

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Diwali is celebrated because Lord Ram came back after spending 14 years in forest with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. 

Happy Diwali Lakshmi ji ki aarti

Diwali is celebrated after 15 days of Dusshera. Dusshera is celebrated as lord Ram has killed Raavan and his brothers. 

Happy Diwali Diya, Diwali Diya

Lord Ram killed Raavan as he kidnapped Sita from the village where they live. So, when after all this Lord Ram came back to Ayodhaya the villagers celebrated their coming back by lighting lamps.  

So, today on the occasion of Diwali we light lamps and do worship of Goddess Laksmi. 

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As this festival is also celebrated for the worship of goddess Laksmi. 

Everybody who celebrates this festival does Puja of Lakshmi in their homes or offices. 

Happy Diwali Diya Light

This is because there is a belief that goddess lakshmi will shower them with her blessings which will help them to live their life happily. 

For Diwali preparations are started before 10-15 days in every home as people clean their houses, make sweet dishes and buy new clothes for them and their family. 

People also exchange gifts as a mark of happiness. 

On the day of Diwali female members of the family make “rangolis” outside their houses to welcome goddess lakshmi. 

And after this they eat dishes and get ready for Diwali pooja and went markets to meet people and see the decorations in the market. 

Children have also burst firecrackers as the symbol of light and happiness.           

Diwali is celebrated for 5 days. The first day is celebrated as “Dhanteras”. 

This day is celebrated as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. On this day people buy new items such as gold and silver or any new motor vehicle or any electronic appliance. 

There is a belief that by this Goddess Lakshmi will come to their home. 

The second day is celebrated as “Roopchaudas”. On this day people firecrackers and females put henna on their hands for Diwali and they also put home remedies on their skin and glow. On this day females get ready for the next day.

The third day is celebrated as “Diwali”. On this day people prepare different kinds of dishes on their homes for their family. 

And after that every member of the family get ready for the puja so that happiness and prosperity is there in their family. 

After that people go to the market to see the decorations and meet their loved ones. People take blessings from their elders to remain healthy and fit. Children often burst crackers and enjoy themselves. 

The fourth day is celebrated as “Govardhan puja”. On this day 56 dishes is prepared and outside the home from cow’s dung govardhan is prepared. 

This day is celebrated because Lord Krishna lifts govardhan parwat from his finger to save people from rain. On this day relatives also visit their relatives and wish them new year and a happy beginning. 

The fifth day is celebrated as “Bhai duj”. On this day brother will visit their sister’s home and sisters will prepare some dishes for his brother and his family. 

Brother will gift her something in return. This festival is also the symbol of love and bond between brother and sister. 

Everybody is so happy celebrating these festivals that they forget their stress and tensions behind.

Festivals are not only a spiritual thing but also it is a time to be spent together with family by forgetting daily life problems. 

It is a time for family get together. Many children who live in different cities come back home to celebrate the joy and happiness with family. 

Every family has their own way of celebrating festivals. But some people just ruin the festivals by celebrating it the wrong way. 

Happy Diwali images 2019 with my name

They drink alcohol and play cards and they just ruin the good environment. After drinking they misbehave with their families and it just ruins their day. 

Sometimes people also put firecrackers in some wrong places which sometimes results in bad injuries to people. 

Government also took some strict actions against them nowadays because of this not so good behaviour.

Festivals should be celebrated respectfully they should be treated the wrong way. It should be celebrated with the blessings of elders and love of children. 

These are the moments which will remain to us till forever and so we should make them unforgettable rather than wasting them in some wrong things. 

So, Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated by Hindus. It will fill their lives with joy and prosperity. 

And give them new energy to work and stay positive and healthy in their lives. This festival also creates a sense of belonging among family members.

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