Happy Hindi Diwas 2022 Images, 14 September

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On the 50th birthday of beohar rajendra sinha the day of 14 September 1949, the assembly of parliament decided for Hindi language will be the national language of India. In the presence of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India has announced the day officially as Hindi diwas celebrated every year on September 14.

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 Images, 14 September
Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 Images, 14 September

It came to first in effect on September 14, 1953. As every year we celebrate this day for the honor of our nation,India’s constitution.  It is the official language of India, and all the Indians have proven to be Hindi as a genuine language. The language of hindi has signified the dedication of love,respect toward nation.

After the freedom of India, the constitution has become stronger. India has its own constitution,parliament,flag,language,and rights. We all have to respect this. There are so many script, writing, article,poems have been written in devnagri script which is the mixture script of two official languages of the republic of India and the constitution of assembly in India.

There are many poets and writers who are famous for writing the skills in Hindi language and have been honored with the Nobel prize. Here are some of them :

  • Hazari prasad dwivedi who always remains a clip in our mind for his hindi novelist books,script and writer,essayist,and critic scholar.
  • Dattadreya balkishan kalekar is also known with the name of  kaka kalelkar who is the famous Indian activist,social reformer and journalist who wrote many blogs in hindi language.
  • Maithili sharan gupt the great person everybody knows that his sciption and the poem of khari bholi has famed.he is the first poet of india. His blog braj bhasha has taken a great place to read the scriptures written by him.
  • Saint Kabir das, is the most famous poet at that time. His writings are bhaktis doha and scriptures were famous. Many of us like the saint kabir and rahim dohe have gained popularity in the world.
  • Premchand is also a famous writer, we all of us might read the stories and writings written by him at the time of 19s.
  • Guru gobind singh ji the tenth sikh guru and the writer, philosopher we know him for the famed he gained by writing script and books. We all might have read about the legends in some of books, social media, articles, magazines etc.
  • Bhagwati charan verma is a hindi novelist and hindi poet who wrote many novels written in Hindi.
  • Kalidas the famous poet is also known as the “Shakespeare” of india.
  • Mahadevi verma the poet, writer,and scripture, she is also known with entitle “the modern times of meera”. Her blogs get attracted to her self.

Hence, we can say that the Hindi language has its own honor.  India is a country full of diversities, and different kinds of religions. In India, there are several casts of people living here, there are several languages spoken related with different religions,but upon all of them Hindi language has top in numbers in all of the languages.

Ways to Celebrate Hindi Diwas 2021

There are several ways to celebrate Hindi diwas . some of them are mentioned below :

  1. In schools, it is celebrated every year on 14 September as an event day. A function has been organized, whereas all the students have participated.
  2. They made some poetries, and sang it in front of school teachers, students and many other people.
  3. Teachers give assignments to write some essays in Hindi diwas something as a home work and prepared some charts of famous poets and writers.
  4. We can take an oath or pledge to speak Hindi on that day.
  5. Prizes are also distributed in the form of colleges,schools and highest universities to the best one candidate who observes the best poetry and makes a drama on a given topic of Hindi diwas.
  6. Awards are given by the president of India in the rajya sabha held in new Delhi with the honor of best who represent themselves with the best dialogues, essay, writing skill, drama or many more.
  7. Schools and colleges have to organize a tough competition for essay, speech,play drama,Hindi poem recitation, Hindi dohe of kabir, rahim,meera, and famous Hindi  songs ( aye malik tere bande hum) like the popular Hindi songs.

Some important fact of Hindi language

  • Hindi is the fourth most popular language spoken in the world. According to a test  in 1997, 66% of the total population can speak this language and 78% people can understand it easily. In 2016, the number of population across the world would read the hindi newspaper like dainik navjyoti, rajasthan patrika and many more.
  • Apart from India, Mauritius ,Nepal, Philippines, fizzi , suyana, tibet and pakistan are the countries that Hindi has been speaking.
  • To give hindi as the world’s no 1 in position , a day Hindi sammelan has been organised to give awards.
  • Hindi has observed its place with more than 1000 words in the oxford dictionary. The famous Oxford dictionary gives place every year to the words of Hindi.
  • In the south atlantic ocean, a city fizzi is a land where Hindi language has spoken the most popular language apart from India.

Accepting Hindi language, English language has also given the second worldwide speaking language,but due to tradition of English and other more languages, peoples are lags behind with the language of Hindi. English language has an impact on others. If this situation continues, we are not so far that Hindi language will disappear between us.

If we want to continue this language, we all should follow our religion and continue the Hindi language in our daily routine. Then we can survive the Hindi language as far as long term.

Some important Question

  1. Which language is most spoken by India?

Ans: Hindi is the most spoken language by India.

  1. on which date Hindi day is celebrated every year?

Ans: on 14 November, every year we celebrate the day.

  1. 3  Who is India’s first leureate?

Ans: Maithili Sharan Gupt is the first laureate of India.

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