15 August Independence Day Speech 2022

Today, we all have gathered here to celebrate 15th August.This 15th August celebration for our Independence.In 2020 , we had completed our 73rd year of Independence and we are going to enter in 74th year of Independence.

On this auspicious occasion, all the guests are respected and welcomed. Thank you, all of you who gave me a chance to express my views and love for my country in front of you all. I consider myself very good and lucky who gained chance to dedicate some words for our country and their sacrifice and struggle for us.

As we all know, 15 August is celebrated in the happiness of the country’s independence. Let’s get into our history of Independency , India was around 200 years under the rule or we can say slave of Britishers and their rule. Many people and their revolutions were consider for freedom. With these Revolutions , many hero and heroines were given their lives to ‘Bharat Mata’ as to India.

Happy Independence Day 2021 Speech
Happy Independence Day 2021 Speech

Independence is not an will of an Indian it was their life. The Meaning of Independence for them not to live free but to upward their head and country among the world within their rule not other as Britishers. Independence had become exist among their blood. In this time , Independent times we should thank them.

After, the lot of effort and struggle finally India got Independence after 200 Years.Actually India got freedom on 14th of August in 1947 at midnight which automatically dated 15 August 1947. This happiness is being celebrated in the entire country by hoisting the National Flag and singing the National Anthem.

Year 1947 would be remembered and auspicious for us. As we gained freedom and completed our matyres dream. This day and year had given rest and peace to our matyres souls and our Indians.This day is sign of win of our India against the rulers of British.

Independence day is celebrated as not a day but an Festival known as National Festival. This day defines the actual meaning of Freedom , sacrifice , struggle and Independence. This day consider lives who had fought for their country and their people which had taken lives but their names registered in histories.

Actually , we don’t know their efforts and struggle but we can feel for it. But we imagine that how hard and difficult work by them for us. It was actually dream of them to make India free from British slavery.That past make our eyes full of water and heart broken.

We , Don’t know how many mothers lost their sons and daughters, how many wives have lost their husbands and how many people lost their families.They were very courageous and great personality which inspires us with motivation. Even we can’t describe the condition at that time which was full of cries , negative and dark.

Those revolutionary heroes and heroines were the ideals of all of us and will continue to be so. There are some names of our fighters such as Rani LaxmiBai , Bhagat Singh , Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc. They gave us a way to move forward with spirit and confidence . Along with this, many enthusiastic slogans have been given which keep the spirit of freedom alive in our blood.

We can never forget this day and the past times of India which was under the rule of Britishers. It is the day that we raised our heads to live with freedom and Independent. They set an correct example that ,’ Nothing is difficult and impossible in our life’. However it takes times , effort and hard work but you can gain it with true spirit and believe.

Independence day celebration is always in our priority list .As this is an day , to remember our past and respect our country. This day to honor and salute are matyres who commit their last breath for the India and their freedom.This day is considered as auspicious day for our country India.

Independence day is not an day for us but auspicious times who abled us to celebrated this auspicious occasion. On this day , we host our flag which is an sign of our head up and sing our national anthem which is an sign our free voice.This day defines the meaning of cage and free.

This day is written in the pages of histories with the revolutions and past conditions. This day had set an example in front of whole world India power and their hard work. Our Past 200 years defines that ,’ we all are birds but in a cage’ but our 1947 (73rd year) defines ‘we all are birds which is in sky’.

independence day images 2021
independence day images 2021

We all celebrated this day with such happiness and joy always and remember the time of independence and feel proud on them. On this day , we perform many functions such as plays , drams , dance and many other activities of our past and traditional times which honor our prosperity of India.

This is an time to make our togetherness more stronger. This is an time to consider your past time as lesson and make necessary tasks which doesn’t bring this times again. On this day , we should make your future generation inspire by commending our past efforts and present ones too.

With this inspiration, move the country and yourself forward to make your country more proud and respected among the world. This is an day to consider your effort and work for your country in speed.

Thank you once again all of you. I hope this smile and spirit continues remains in you. “Jai Hind , Jai Hind” !!

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