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Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima is Hindu Traditional Festival. Kartik Purnima is celebrated according to Hindu calendar , it is celebrated on the Purnima (Full moon day) or Fifteen of Lunar Day of Kartik. According to the Geogrian calendar , Kartik Purnima is celebrated in the month of November or December.

happy kartik purnima
happy kartik purnima

Kartik Purnima is Majorly celebrated by Hindu’s , Sikh’s and Jain Community.Kartik Purnima is also named with the Various names such as ‘Tripuri Purnima or Tripurari Purnima’. Sometimes , Kartik Purnima is celebrated at the time of Deepawali (Diwali). In 2020 , Kartik Purnima would be celebrated on ‘30th of November’ (Monday).

Kartik Purnima is known as the Festival of Shine and Lights. Kartik Purnima is celebrated in every phase of India but has different dates and means for the celebration , as in south India and Sri Lanka had different dates of celebration.

Kartik Purnima is considered an auspicious festival. As Kartik Purnima auspicious , people begin their new work on this day as in opening of new ventures , new purchases etc. Kartik Purnima observes annual frequency. Kartik Purnima had great meaning in hindu culture , this festival had more importance and value in Indians.

Kartik Purnima Celebration

Kartik Purnima is celebrated with a great pomp and shower. On Kartik Purnima , people wake up early and take auspicious baths. After that , many people visit the temples and worship Lord Brahma and Vishnu. Actually , they perform special prayers and chants.

On Katrik Purnima , people visit holy places of Hinduism as in Haridwar , Puskar and Harihara etc.They visit these places because for decades these were the places of the Lord which had special meaning.

On Kartik Purnima , people wear new and traditional clothes. On Kartik purnima many people perform donations to the people (who are poor , needy) to make this festival actually mean for them and their celebration. On Kartik Purnima , temples and holy places are decorated with flowers and lights.

On Kartik Purnima , people in evening lighten divyas outside their house or places , however , it is believed that with lighten divya’s Lord came to their house and blessed them. On Kartik Purnima, there is special value to consider the full moon , as this festival is based on purnima (Full moon day).

Kartik Purnima Story

Kartika Purnima had significance for Hinduism. Kartik Purnima or Triupurari Purnima term is derived from the ‘Tripurasura’. According to Hindu Belief , there were three Demon sons of Tarakasura. However , Tripurasura was a devotee of Lord Shiva. The Demons’ sons had created crises in the whole world. Due to this , Lord Shiva in the form of Tripurasura’ killed the demon’s sons.

As he Killed Demon Sons and Defeated God , created the three spaces  and these specase together called ‘Tripura’. Tripura Killed the demons by a single arrow and God became delighted. This delightment makes happiness and celebrates Kartik Purnima day of illumination which is to be celebrated.

Kartika Purnima Significanance 

Kartik Purnima is also celebrated on the Birthday of Malaysia. Malaysia is a fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu  Kartika Purnima is celebrated on the Birthday Vrinda , which later personifies in Tulsi form.

Kartik Purnima is a special day for the devotees of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha as it is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha plays Rasa.

Kartik Purnima is the day of Pitrs (Dead Ancestors). Kartik Purnima is the day for the ‘Shakamedhah’ who gain victory over the enemies. Kartik Purnima has more significance when it falls on the Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) Kartika is called Maha Kartik.

Kartik Purnima Rituals

Kartik Purnima is associated with the Pradhoni Ekadashi. Kartik Purnima marks the end of month of ‘Chaturdash’. It is said that , During the four month of Chatrudash Lord Vishnu is deep in their sleep. On the Kartik Purnima they wake up.

Actually , The Probandhini Ekadashi is known as the God and Goddess wake up during this day.On Kartik Purnima various fairs and holy programs are being organized which includes a large number of people. Major celebrations are considered at the Pushkar fair.

Kartik Purnima celebration is important as on this day it gives values to traditional , cultural and local artist values and helps in considering better economic condition.Kartik Purnima celebrated in the honor of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Kartik Purnima is celebrated under the ritual and religion program. On this day , many people visit holy places and apologize to God for their evil deeds , and promise that they will now go on a good and positive way.

As it said on Kartik Purnima God and Goddess visit Earth to bless their Children.Kartik Purnima is day of God and Goddess , day to realize your bad works and practice to change im good ones. 

On Kartika Purnima , people use special chants of Shiva sambuti , Satait and etc. On Kartik Purnima , people not only take baths but it is said to be a holy bath both in early and evening times. On this day , under the guidance and bhakti of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma people feel positive and free. This led to beginning of new phases and happiness.

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