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Wishing you and Your loved ones , A Very Happy New Year!!!. The Term “Happy New Year” had been specified for a special meaning. The “Happy” had been standing for the “Feeling or showing pleasure or delighted within the smile”. The “New” had been standing for ‘Beginning’ or for the introduction or new times . The ‘Year’ had been referring to the ‘’Annual or period times”.

The New Year is being celebrated as a special occasion known as “Festival”.  The New Year is celebrated with great pomp and showers. The New Year would  be celebrated on “1Jan” every year. However , it had been defined firstly in the christan times as special occasion to be celebrated . From the present years , it has been celebrated in Indian times.

This had been celebrated with the emotions of Happiness , spirit , energy , joy , respect , caring , innocence , purity and excitement. For this day , celebration preparation would take place before the days measured to be. This had been defined as the start of winter vacation “From the 25 Dec” and last till “From the 1ST jan”.

happy new year images 2022
happy new year images 2022

On this day with the celebration …belonging and togetherness had been maintained. This day regards for the attachment , love and understanding between the people (loved and special ones). This celebration had been measured with our loved and special ones. It doesn’t state for the celebration but the beginning for the new measure.

This day had been measured for the “new beginning”  , it had been regarded as “the other chance of life”. This day had special value for the people , it defines a new beginning , new entrance and innovation. On this day , celebration had been managed in different programs which would be ‘Parties , surprises , programs and their unique variability’.

Before the date of  New year , on the 31st Dec midnight  the celebration had been measured till 12 ‘o’clock.  On this night , sounds of happiness , performance of spirit and energy , and the environment become colorful and fully cracked. On this night celebration takes place at a great level or material in the field of delight and shining.On this night dance , music , poems  (majorly thee takes place ) with happiness takes place.

After the party Night , everyone feels relaxed and delighted and  makes ready to follow their new beginning with their times and rules to be followed in. However , the celebration doesn’t complete with the 31st night , this had been preferred with the new day beginning. On this day , people wake up early and measure their special activities. The People wish each other and time spent with each other.

On this day , it is believed that enemies become friends. They wish for the well to begin and manage their activities. 

New Year History

The New Year first introduced in 46 B.C. by JULIUS CAESAR.He Introduced a new solar based calendar and this was biggest improvement in the ancient’s of Roman. The Julian Calendar Mandate that the New Year would occur on 1st January within the Roman people. After that the New year being started to celebrated on 1st January in roman environment.

Since 1582, According to Gregorian calendar reform restored 1st January as New year’s. However, Most Catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar almost immediately, it was only gradually adopted among Protestant countries. The British, for example, did not adopt the reformed calendar until 1752. Until then, the British Empire and their American colonies still celebrated the new year in March.

Meaning of New Year

Actually the term “New Year” is consider as the beginning of New Year and completion previous or past Year. According to the calendar a execution of December consider January New year. New year is celebrated all over world with festival energy. The New Year is not compulsory celebrated on 1st January. The New Year is celebrated across world but on different dates by different countries at a time.The New Year is celebrated with full of joy and happiness. The New Year regard coming of new opportunities, happiness, wealth and health. It regards that previous year mistakes for “Sorry” and for happiness and good memories “Thank you”. While on the New Year generally uses a statement which is true ad correct “Welcome” for New Year and “Bye-Bye” to preceding year.

In the term of ‘New Year’ we add “Happy”because it prefers that new year may brings happiness, wealth, health, and joy in life and the new year may consider good and best for them.This is an time where enemies become friends and forgot all the unfavorable things or incident occur between them. According to research, the New Year is being mostly celebrated after the Christmas (25 DEC) on 1st January every. We would rather have some expectations and pray for it to pass.

On The New Year people exchanges greetings, gifts and messages from each other. On 31dec, midnight people used to celebrate the new year in which they want but mostly people used to prefer parties. The night become full of shine and glamours. It brings happiness on the face of millions of people across globe. The New year is an symbol transfer of one generation to another generation.The vacations has been announced during this time. The time between 25dec to 1 januray is an time of joy and happiness.

The New Year is celebrated on 1st January internationally , it is celebrated in different ways according to different or traditions countries.

Gregorian calendar (Universal celebration)
Shōgatsu (Japan)
Novy Gode (Russian and other salvin countries)
1st January
Teg (Vietnamese)
Tsagaan Sar (Mongolia)
Sollal (Korea)
Chun jie (Chinese)
5th Feb
Nowruz(Iranian)21st March
Kha b’ Nisan (Assyrian)1st April
Songkran( Thailand )12th April
Al Hijri (Islamic)30th August
Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)29 September
new year

The New year prefer various activities like parties, games, adventures, wearing new and expensive clothes, enjoying meals etc. that forgets all sadness and bad experience and it consider welcome to new opportunities and experiences. On the New Year , New year tree is being prepared by whole family and friends involved and decorate it. The preparation is started from a days. Every New year brings blessings of God for us and indicates the new chances of life opportunities. The New Year regards togetherness because it is celebrated with our loved ones. The New Year also likely to shaped individuals by regarding resolutions to be followed throughout year.

The New Year is an Festival when everyone in affairs of spreading love , happiness , joy , and fortunate all over world. This is an opportunity when individual learns from previous mistake and pertains new casting for them. The Year doesn’t regard for bad or good for anyone , it depends on the candidate whether they take it good or Bad. The New Year is always used with prefix “Happy” this consist of blessings of goodness through out year for them. Every Year furnish something and regard learning. All enjoyed last day of year and starting of new day with full of Energy , fervor and Enthusiasm.

On this weekend (25dec to 2jan) markets are being crowded. On these days various discounts , sales are being preferred. The market has been decorated. The New Year is being celebrated in different ways by the people but they don’t know the reason and story behind it. They are only limit of that only being celebration. It is not necessarily new year is being celebrated on 1st January with full of joy , happiness, energy, new desires , emotions , opportunities, enthusiasm but also every day is begging celebrated with this energy and spirit. Once the Year is being started , does not regard fun stop.

The New Year is also about repair of mistake and take care of problems. This not regard forget past year mistake but repairing or improving in Next year. The people say “sorry” if they made any mistake or problem with their actions and speech to other and proclaims “Thank you ” if they has done good things for them. On This day we forgets all negativity and constitute positiveness and goodness.

New Year considers of newness at every where whether on individual personalities , area , calendar , year or many field. New Year spreads the goodness and blessings in the environment. The New Year doesn’t refers only “New” in an term but also requirement to be partial implementation in newness in life. The Night of New year is shining with lights, crackers and also intangible emotions and hope of positivity of people. If snow at a place or location mainly snowman has also been made and plays various activities with snow.

The New Year is being marked international holiday.On this day people doesn’t engage in work , they prefer only celebration. The New Year does not only concern with newness and creativity but also take on previous memories too. Besides the date of celebration over the years the way of celebration has also changed. People go to temples, church and other holy places to worship God and pray for a fruitful year. The beginning of the year is also a valuable time to decide the goals that we would want to achieve in this new year.

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