Laughter is the best medicine

      Laughter is the best medicine

Being happy is the best a person can do to himself and the people surrounding him.

Happy people always things positively and so they remain free emotionally, physically and mentally. Laughing also has many advantages to keeps people healthy as it improves immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain and protects us from stress.

For keeping body in balance person needs to be happy so that they can remain healthy. Humor also gives positive vibes and hopes and it also connects with people.

If you are happy and stress free then we can easily focus on our work as our mind does not have any problem to think about. Laughter also decreases our blood pressure and increases blood in the body.   

Another words for laughter are snorting, giggling, chuckling, tittering. antonyms etc. It is the best best medicine in the world. Its reduce people pain and sorrow.

Laughter provides happiness and fun. Its decrease our stress and depression level. It helps in avoid the surrounding negativity.

Laughter gives power to our immunity system to fight harmful or antibodies. It maintains our flow system. Its increase hormones in our body. It helps in fighting to health disease.

We can laugh on jokes, funny rhymes, dialogues etc. Its all are source of laughter and it makes brighten to mood. People also know meaning and importance of laugh.

Many health benefits of laughter is like- reduce risk of heart attack and brain stroke. It maintains blood pressure level. improve health system and work on body or height development.

Laughter give relax and boost to our body and mind. Its produce best health system. We are get laughter from jokes, comedy shows, another favorite activities.

Scientist says laughter is good medicine in the world. Laughing release good chemicals and it feels to good. Laughing is part of our activities and creativeness.

Laughter gives happy and glowing face. It makes every situation better. It makes strong to mental and physical system. It covers to blood and breath circulation system.

Too much laughing is harmful for health because sometimes it leads to a death. Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas. Its causes harmful, it makes a person die with overdose of this in our body.

Now we can say laughter is the best medicine for our healthy-wealthy body and glowing skin. Laughter is exercise for body. It provides well sleep.

Banta- My wife was died yesterday,

I am trying to cry but tears are not

come our. What to do?

Santa– No problem, Just

imagine she came back.

Wife- Had your lunch?

Husband– Had your lunch?

Wife- I’m asking you

Husband- I’m asking you

Wife- You copying me?

Husband- You copying me?

Wife- Let’s go shopping

Husband- Yes, I had my lunch.

Teacher– Why do you write ‘etc’

at the end in the exam

Pappu- Bcause it means,

E- End of

T- Thinking

C- capicity

Teachre- What is your birth date?

Santa– 13 October.

Teacher- Which year

Santa- Every Year.

Wife joins English class after few days

Wife- Welcome home darling

Husband- I am so tired today

Wife- Ok, Rest in peace.

Biggest joke of the century-

“Computers and mobiles were invited

to save our time!

Teacher- Behind every successful man there

is a women, what we do learn from this?

Students– We should stop wasting time in studies

and find a women.

In a train, ticket checker to a Santa

Ticket please

Samta- I don’t have

TT- Where do you want to go?

Santa- Lord Ram’s birth place ‘Ayodhya’.

TT- Came, Let’s go

Santa- Where?

TT- Lord Krishna‘s birth place ‘Jail’.

Boy – What you think about our love?

Girl- Try to count starts in the sky

Boy– Awww, its infinite?

Girl- No darling, It’s a waste of time.

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