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The World Day for International Justice is celebrated every year on 17 July. This day is also celebrated as the anniversary of the Constitution. The constitution of Rome was adopted on this day. This is the reason why this day is celebrated. Along with this, it was also a new initiative to stop growing.

15 justices are selected in the world who are elected to the International Court of Justice. They are all from different countries. Out of these, 5 judges can be changed every third year, if they want to be elected again, no two judges can be elected from one country. This day is also a treaty because the International Criminal Court was established in it.

World Day for International Justice, it is also celebrated for justice as crimes are increasing continuously in the world due to which sometimes the guilty are saved and the innocent person has to be punished. For this reason, it is very important to have justice.

international justice day
international justice day

There are different types of crimes which have been mentioned in the constitution. Complete information about the law is given in the constitution. For each crime different section and articles have been made. This is a complete system. So that crimes can be reduced and prevented. It is also necessary to raise voice against crimes. This also shows the person his rights.

Courts have also been made for justice at international level. But in the International Court of Justice, the fight for international level crimes is fought. Judges of different countries are appointed to get justice so that no bias or discrimination can be done.

The day also marked the promotion of criminal justice. On this day, this matter is also a special topic of the news channel, so that the attention of the people is increased and the attention of justice is increased so that they can understand its importance.

Women and children are also subjected to violence in the society including exploitation, killing, child labor, and many other illegal jobs that appeal to them for relief. That is why people take help of international justice.

There are many issues in the World Day for International Justice which are promoting crimes in the country, which is causing the peace of the country and society. People also celebrate World Day for International Justice to get rid of it and to end such an environment. It works in their interest.

Violence has a profound impact on the social and legal status of the country, which affects the economic condition of the country. Injustice has always been a disaster and problem because it spreads negativity among people. It is not good for any person in the society. International justice works to solve such problems.

World Day for International Justice It is celebrated all over the world with the objective that everyone should get justice. It takes an initiative to stop crime. Because these crimes are related to the private life of some person and violence and injustice is not right for any human being. It is also said to be inappropriate in the constitution.

Presently the Chief Justice of India is Mr. Sharad Arvind Bovde and prior to this Mr. Ranjan Gogoi served as the Chief Justice. They maintain the judicial system of the country. Along with this, we try to improve it. Because effort is the key to success.

Every year, the World Day for International Justice is celebrated with a new energy so that violence does not happen to anyone and peace prevails in the country. Therefore, it is celebrated in the world. Also to adopt the constitution in Rome. It is a matter of pride for any country and its citizens to adopt the Constitution.

World day for international justice,also referred to as International criminal justice day, is celebrated throughout the world on July 17 as part of an effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice. i It was on June 1,2010 at the review conference of Rome statue,the assembly of state parties decided to celebrate on July 17,each year as international criminal justice day. It came into effect in July 1,2002. The headquarters in Hague,Netherlands. On this day,civil society organizations came together to share their views on the need for international justice, the current status of the court,it’s achievement,challenges and how we can fulfill the promises of Rome.

On this day,unions of ICC ( International criminal court )gathered voices of its members to help remind everyone that it’s our responsibility to ensure the effective delivery of justice and redress for the victims of the gravest crime. “Accountability is an important component of preventing violent conflict and is the only way to provide true redress to victims. States, the ICC, civil society, and people the world over must each do their part to ensure that the international justice system created by the Rome Statute 21 years ago. 

The Aim of  International Justice Day

The main aim of celebrating this day is to unite everyone who wants to suppose justice as well as promote victims’ rights. It is a day to put all around peace, security, and well being of the world at risk. All the countries that allowed to adopt the statute were accepting the jurisdiction of the ICC,with regards to the prosecution of a very serious crime. There are a number of different ways you can play  a part. We could send  a communication to our local elected representative and voice our opinion. We take part in many events that will be held in many cities around the world.

Without justice,there can be no lasting peace.There will be a request for reparation at the end of the trial by the victim,if there is conviction. The theme of the world justice or international justice day is “Closing the Inequality gap to achieve social justice”. It focuses on “social justice” as it is the global mission of the United Nation to promote the development and human dignity. ICC is a global civil society network with over2500 member organizations in 150 countries.

The ICC is a permanent court established to investigate,prosecute and try individuals accused of committing the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole, namely the crimes of genocide,crimes against humanity, war crimes etc. it has an important role to assigns, right and duties in the institution of society, which enables people to receive the basic benefits and burden of cooperation. 


World Day for International Justice recognizes the nascent and strengthening system of international justice that has emerged since the Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials after World War II. Numerous efforts to provide justice and redress for the most unspeakable acts of inhumanity have brought forth increasingly powerful international justice mechanisms from the International Court of Justice, to the ad hoc tribunals of Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia and, as of July 1st of this year, the historic International Criminal Court (ICC). 


The last century has been the bloodiest in human history with hundreds of millions of casualties of mass rape, forced expulsion, disappearances, torture, slavery and other assaults on human dignity. 

The example of International criminal tribute includes the International committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)which the United Nation Security Council created pursuant to its powers under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

International crime 

  1.  Drug trafficking : The International Criminal Court (ICC), which is a treaty-based court. Among the most common international crimes are Drugs trafficking activities. The drug enforcement administration (DEA)  enforces the controlled substances laws and regulation of the United States and refers perpetrators involved in making or distributing controlled substances to the Department of justice for prosecution. The United Nation, Interpol and other organizations on matters relating to control International drug program, international crime, international criminal law and international law.
  2. Crimes against Humanity : crime against humidity are certain acts that are purposely committed as a part of widespread. There are eleven international texts defining crime against humanity,but they all differ slightly as to the definition of that crime and its legality. These are : entail extermination, murder, torture, imprisonment, rape,force abortion and other sexual violence,enslavement,persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly.
  3. Human trafficking : people are frequently suffered with human trafficking in India and other countries for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and forced/bonded labour . Although no reliable study for the forced and bonded labour has been completed. There are 3 ways to stop human trafficking in India .1 Purchase a Trafficking Survivors’ Kit. After escape or rescue, trafficking survivors remain at great risk until they can re-establish their lives. 2 Prevent Human Trafficking. 3 Take Action.
  4. International computer crime : international computer crime is also known as cyber crime . With the explosive growth of the internet, computer crime is increasingly in dimension. The department of justice works with foregian government and other u.s. Agencies,including the federal bureau of investigations and u.s. Postal service,to address global threats related to computer crime.

Hence, we can say that international justice day has enrolled an important day for all those people who are always fighting for the truth and want justice. We all have to support our nation’s government to  find whom we know is under investigation for an international crime,seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. 

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