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World Photography day , This day is celebrated every year on ‘19 Aug’ across the World. This day is celebrated to create the attention of people among a special art of Photography. This had given rise to another profession known as ‘Photographer’. This day is celebrated to respect and value the art of Photography.

This day celebration is associated with feelings and expressions. This is regarded as the best art to express yourself . This is the best art which attaches with our past , present . This day focuses on the people to encourage and involve them with this art as profession, hobby etc.

World Photography Day HD Images

World Photography Day 2021
World Photography Day 2021

This day is associated with the art , craft , imagination , science and history of photography. However from history , The art of photography is invented by the known personality , named ‘Nicephore Niepce’ . 

He addressed a silver chloride coating as a piece of paper. However the photo eventually turned into dark and as he knew no way to remove this chloride from the photo to preserve the photo.However the history became past and modernized in present and camera and solutions developed.

Photography is associated with the equipment known as cameras. This ‘Camera’ is produced by many certified companies such as ‘Canon , Kodak and various etc.’ The Art of photography is so spread among the people and jumped into higher needs or special privilege.

This day claims the skills of social thinking.This art doesn’t need any particular type of study , this is associated with creativity and practice.This day is celebrated as a special occasion for the photographer or lovers of photography. This day encourages these personalities (Photographers or lovers of that art) and others too.

This day brings the attention of people especially the youth generations or adults to the importance , significance and advantages of this art among the future and their life. This day acknowledges the people about the  lovely and emotional memories which are captured with the help of this art.

World Photography Day Quotes

world photography day 2021 Quotes
world photography day 2021 Quotes

The Principal aim is to capture and link the number of the people with this art and commerce prestige and utility of this art. This day adds a flavor of soft touch which connects us with our people and their memories and recognition and love.

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